You too can make “smarter financial moves” by listening to Money Talk on Channel Radio live on Fridays at 1pm (repeated on Tuesdays at 12pm.) You can also listen again or listen to the show archive.

Money Talk was launched on Channel Radio in July 2014 by   Simon Webster who ha been a financial adviser for 37 years. he is currently Managing Director of Chartered Financial Planners Ltd and works as a consultant with Talis IFA.

The show aims to provide accessible, generic information on financial matters to listeners of all ages and backgrounds. The joy of the medium is that listeners can either engage with the program on twitter @moneytalk_guru or #MTRadio either as it is broadcast or at a later date.  This can be done by listening to shows on this site direct, which you can then either playback from your computer or download to a mobile device to enjoy on the go!

We intend to build up a library of shows covering as many relevant topics as we can. Do let us know if there is anything you would like us to include.

Tweet or contact the show on Facebook or fill in the contact form here and we’ll try to answer your questions on all matters financial.