Labour’s latest proposal has outlined plans to implement a £10 living wage by 2020. But how feasible an option would this be?

McDonnell has said that “Under the next Labour government, everyone will earn enough to live on.” alluding to the possibility that the living wage will be applied to all, not just the Over 25s. While in theory this may appeal to many, what might this mean for small/medium business owners?

McDonnell has also said “we know that small businesses need to be a part of the bargain. That’s why we will also be publishing proposals to help businesses implement the Living Wage…We will be examining a number of ideas – including the expansion and reform of Employment Allowance – to make sure that this…does not impact on hours or employment.”

As business owners themselves, Penny & Simon will be discussing their views on how this proposal may impact the business community.

Tune in from 1pm today (30th September 2016) on Channel Radio.

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