Approximately a third of the population voted for BREXIT which of course means that two thirds did not. How democratic is that?

The stock market is up, the pound may have plummeted but is now edging up despite the fact that interest rates did not go down as widely predicted. We have a new pm and a new government. All we need now is a credible opposition and an England football manager!

Given that for new PM Theresa May BREXIT means BREXIT – what does BREXIT actually mean? Is there a positive case? Are there real advantages? Post BREXIT:

  • The UK will be able to negotiate unlimited bi lateral trade deals
  • The UK Will no longer answer to the European Court of Human Rights
  • The UK will decide which immigrants to let in (or not)

This is the dream but if there is no free market access without accepting free movement of people we could be heading for a car crash. But can Germany afford to lose the UK as a markets for its BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and Porsches? Where does all this leave us and will it further affect the pounds in our pockets?

It may be an old Chinese curse but we really do now live in very interesting times.

This Friday (the 15th of July) Simon and Penny will discuss this and more.

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