The chancellor has a difficult balancing act to perform in this week’s budget. UK Plc is still in massive debt and is still spending more than it receives in tax. Meanwhile vital public services such as the NHS are crying out for more money. His only option is to increase tax, which is never popular. The JAMS and the hard-oppressed middle have already seen higher tax on dividends and on buy to lets. Higher taxes may also impact our delicately poised recovery.

Whatever happens on Wednesday and whatever your politics the budget is going to be VERY interesting.

On top of all that Aberdeen and Standard Life are to merge and Peugeot has bought Vauxhall from GM. Both are big deals and in the run up to BREXIT both are hugely significant. So as ever no shortage of things to talk about.

Simon and Penny will discuss how this all impacts you this Friday* at 1pm on Channel Radio.

*10th March 2017