Who pays for austerity?

The 2016 Budget is now a battle over the government’s approach to the vulnerable. It initially appeared to be a ‘non-event’. But the real question now is: “were George Osborne’s announcements last week were ‘fair’”.

On Money Talk this week Simon will discuss the fallout following Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation and the proposed restrictions to increases in the disability payments budget.

What does this mean for the markets? How will all this affect your money? Simon will also be looking at Global Markets, and the risks driving the 2016 Investment Market. These could include:

  • rising energy and fuel prices
  • employment
  • China
  • Brexit
  • Middle East tensions
  • The Trump effect
  • Emerging Markets

All this and more on Friday the 25th of March from 12pm on www.channelradio.co.uk on #MTRadio.

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