Time, patience and making informed decisions. 3 key factors that determine the success of a portfolio. Diversity thus spreading investment risk is also particularly important. Diversification of asset class, sector and geographical region are all important. The best chance of making a decent return is to give your portfolio time in the market. Taking a long view is essential as is making a plan to pass on your wealth to future generations.

Quality of later life can also be improved through finding “lost” pensions! It is estimated that 800,000 lost pensions valued at an eye watering £9.7 billion have been found by the Pensions Policy Institute – and they only cover part of the market.

As work patterns change, nearly 2/3 of people in the UK have more than one pension. This figure can only increase and many people don’t realise how many pension plans they have or where they are! However, they need not be lost forever. The sooner you track your pension, the easier it will be to find. Contact your financial adviser today for assistance in locating any lost pensions you may have.

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