The internet has already revolutionised shopping and it continues to revolutionise communications – both business and personal.

BT has not installed any new Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) phone lines since 2014. ISDN will be switched off altogether for everyone in 2025. New businesses should be adopting the latest technology immediately while established businesses need to start thinking about their options now. 2025 will be here quicker than many imagine and last minute transition with other late adopters risks significant business disruption. Meanwhile any change of premises, expansion/ additional users or simply the need to upgrade existing equipment could all trigger a move to the new technology sooner rather than later. So its just as well to have these developments at the back of your mind.

So far we have only talked business and ISDN but the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – the basic copper wire phone system in use since before most of us were born, is also being switched off in 2025. As many no longer use landlines for telephone the shutdown has been inevitable for some time, but delays to the roll out of high speed internet has delayed switch off. But it is coming…

So we are talking “communications” with expert Nick Brandon from Tecwork. What are your options? What government grants are available? How do you make sure you are not left behind in this communications revolution? Tune in to Money Talk at 13.00 this Friday at!

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