You’re skidding?! Motorists lose almost £1,000 selling their cars through car buying websites

  • BMW’s & SUV’s lose out the most
  • Cars registered post 2014 lost £1,548 on average
  • More than 300 vehicles analysed with one even valued £3,800 below market value by

Can you put a price on convenience?  The online grocery shop, lunch delivered to the office, automatic bill payment transfers. Our 21st century selves are very used to paying for services that save us time.

But an independent analysis of more than 300 cars by consumer research agency, Join the Dots, shows just how much this ‘convenience’ is costing motorists. The research show that WeBuyAnyCar offers £958 less on average compared to Auto Trader’s private sale valuation, which offers an accurate reflection of the live market.

Among the cars analysed, the biggest disparity came for a 2016 Ford Focus RS, for which WeBuyAnyCar offered just £18,765 – £8,835 less than it would be worth (£27,600) according to an Auto Trader valuation.


  • Privately selling a car registered between 2014 and 2017 would secure an average of £1,548 more on Auto Trader than if sold through WeBuyAnyCar.
  • BMW drivers are the biggest losers – they risk missing out on an average of £1,282.
  • SUV owners risk selling for an average of £1,237 less if choosing car buying sites
SUV £1,237
Convertible £1,205
Estate £1,192
Saloon £1054
Coupe £1,048
Hatchback £797
MPV £754


Car sellers with cars valued less than £1,000 could also be massively out of pocket if selling to an intermediary site, with WeBuyAnyCar offering an average of only 27% of the Auto Trader valuation.

Auto Trader is making it easier for these sellers to get more money for their beloved vehicles today as it offers free listings for cars valued less than £1,000 on the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

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