There were over 130,000 divorces in the UK in 2013. So more than half a million adults and their children went through what is often described as the most stressful event in life in a single year. Clearly in an ideal world the trick would be to stay married. But in our pressured society that has become ever more difficult. If the worst happens how do you cope? How do you smooth the path? What pitfalls should be avoided? What about the children? What about the house? What about money? Will life ever get good again?

This week Simon is joined by John Nee who is a barrister specialising in family law. A quick scan of John’s website hints at the complexities involved – John’s work includes:

“cohabitants in schedule 1 children matters, permission to apply, and leave to remove. He has acted on behalf of interveners as well as applying for and resisting interim applications.”

No one in the office knew exactly what all that meant. Given that we probably all know someone who has divorced and had to sort out the vexed questions of money and custody of children – it’s probably the sort of thing we should all know something about. If only to encourage us to work that bit harder at our relationships. Tune into Money Talk on Channel Radio at 13:00 hours on Friday* to find out more.

As we go to press the heterosexual couple wanting to enter a civil partnership have just lost their appeal. They plan to appeal to the Supreme Court. Waste of time or discrimination? We will ask John Nee what he thinks…

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*Friday 24th February 2017