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A third runway at Heathrow has been approved, following a government cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

In a post-Brexit UK, many people are singing the praises of this decision. Supporters have already announced that the expansion will provide thousands of new jobs for local people, and will benefit the wider economy by up to £61bn.

However, the decision to rule in favour of Heathrow’s expansion (over other choices such as Gatwick) is not without it’s opponents. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (a long time supporter of the alternative Thames Estuary Airport) has called the decision to expand “undeliverable”, and has warned that such a move would make London a “city of planes”.

Closer to the ground, a wide range of unions and business groups have welcomed the news and the economic benefits it has promised to bring. However, the construction of the third runway will lead to one village being entirely wiped-out, and others partially demolished.

In a nutshell, it is a decision that is set to divide a nation.

This Friday Simon & Penny will further investigate the pros and cons of such changes on the economy, and Britain as a whole.

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