Money Talk this week focuses on human resources.

Identifying vacancies/opportunities, constructing a job description and person profile, advertising, shortlisting, selecting, on boarding, training & developing, appraising, rewarding, managing and developing. Building a team, putting spirit into that team and keeping everyone focused and hopefully happy. We are going to try and do all that in an hour!

Just as well that Simon is joined by Fiona Stephens, Director of HR Services & Support , & a fellow Channel Radio presenter! Fiona’s usual gig is The People Platform which is on air Tuesdays from 11am to 12pm.

Simon & Fiona will be discussing all this from 1pm this Friday on Channel Radio.

Anyone wishing to flag any HR issues before or during the show please Tweet the show and we will try and answer your questions live on air.

You can follow Fiona on Twitter & LinkedIn.