Are your investments being held back by hidden prejudices?


Investing your hard-earned savings can often be a nerve-racking experience. A recent study carried out by Schroders has identified that there are nine main behaviours that can influence your financial decision making when it comes to investment.

These are:

  • Anxiety – when the ups and downs of the market cloud the view of long-term goals
  • Loss Aversion – losses are felt more keenly than equivalent gains
  • Projection Bias – struggling to separate current feelings from future plans
  • Irrational perception of money – viewing wealth and income as nominal rather than in real terms
  • Herd influence – irrationally following the decisions of others
  • Present bias – when preference is placed on instant gratification
  • Overconfidence bias – believing in oneself without giving proper consideration to alternative options, chance, or external events
  • Over optimism bias – overestimating the likelihood of success and underestimating the risks involved
  • Investor knowledge – tendency to be led by ‘gut-instinct’, and lacking interest in growing financial knowledge through research

Recognising these biases is the first step towards making clearer, more rational decisions about investing your money.

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