Jo Dodds

After eighteen years in the ‘corporate world’ in senior level Retail HR with companies such as B&Q, Staples and First Choice, Jo Dodds started her own business in August 2005 publishing eight local community magazines in her area. She extended her offering by helping the small businesses to market online including specialising in social media marketing since 2009.

In these days of portfolio careers, after various iterations, Jo now has two main areas that she focuses on in her work.

Jo works with organisations as a consultant, speaker and trainer on Social Media Marketing, Social HR and Employee Engagement, including working within the core team at the Engage for Success movement.

She also helps home-based business owners to improve their productivity, organisation, well-being, energy and resilience through her business ‘POWER to Live More‘ sharing eclectic blogs and podcast interviews with, and for, entrepreneurs and business owners who work from home.

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