Renowned Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Patron of the charity, Relate, Professor Tanya Byron and Catherine Kehoe from Lloyds Bank will join us in the studio. They’ll be discussing why money is so often a taboo subject and they’ll be offering advice on how to have those important conversations about personal finance.

The majority of people don’t talk about their money enough, perhaps due to embarrassment or a feeling of discomfort when sharing personal information, such as salary with family and friends. However, many people are more open to breaking the awkward taboo than we imagine. Becoming more open about our finances can significantly improve money management, saving and spending patterns – whilst also improving relationships, goal setting and even the handling of stress in difficult financial times.

This week Simon will also be exploring what to expect from next week’s Spring Statement. Theoretically “Spreadsheet Phil” has loads of money – so will it be freebies for everyone? Tune in to Money Talk at 1pm this Friday to find out more! #MTRadioUK