This week Money Talk hosts Helen Noble, a mediator and collaborative lawyer with solicitors Rix and Kay… She’ll unpack the urban myth that is “Common Law” marriage. There is really no such thing. Try passing your estate to your life long, common law partner and ducking inheritance tax. It doesn’t work – transfers between couples are only exempt for those who are married or in a civil partnership – otherwise transfers are taxable.

What if instead of parted by death you part while both still alive? What are the financial rights of those who live together and then part company compared to those who are married and divorce? What really happens when an unmarried couple breaks up.

We’ll also have a look at protecting assets prior to marriage – Pre Nups / Trusts

Amusing but slightly worrying – is there a good time to separate in the tax year?

If you know someone who is going through a break up or if you want to know what happens if the worst happens, this should be unmissable radio. Tune in at 13.00 on Friday 27th April at .