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Simon was asked to write a piece for Kent Profile Magazine about successful Ashford businesses. So while this is history about the firm – we never forget that we got here by putting our clients first in everything we do.

Facts and Figures moved to Stoke House in Church Road, Ashford in 2010. There were six of them in the business at the time – there are now twelve and the company now looks after nearly £90m of client money. Moving to Ashford has been good for business.

Facts and Figures advises on and implements investments, pensions, mortgages and life insurance for private clients and the whole raft of employee benefit for corporate clients. Simon Webster the company’s MD has his own radio show Money Talk on internet Radio station www.channelradio.co.uk on Fridays at noon and they have just launched a new website at www.fffp.co.uk

Husband and wife Simon and Pam Webster both enjoyed successful careers with insurance companies but recognised that to best serve their clients they needed to be able to offer unbiased advice from the whole market, so they set up their own firm together as general practice independent financial advisers in 1994. In due course they hired an administrator to work from their home in Wye (who is still with them) and over the next few years they steadily built the business. They took on a couple of other advisers and later hired another administrator.

Along the way they implemented a complete back office IT system to keep track of clients and their money – they now take electronic downloads from several large product providers providing them with real time valuations for staff and clients who have on line access to the information. They also hired two more staff, another four advisers and opened a London office.

They purchased Stoke House recognising that Ashford had only limited accommodation for smaller businesses and they now let out 13 lock up offices on a monthly license. Soon after arrival they were fully occupied and they now have a waiting list.

Business is good in Ashford.

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