Dermot Campbell
Chief Executive Officer

Dermot Campbell’s career as a wealth management professional has spanned 23 years across a range of disciplines, including management, private banking, financial planning, product specialisation and as an independent financial adviser. This range of experience and knowledge gained through high profile Directorships and management roles has seen Dermot’s reputation as an industry expert and thought-leader grow considerably over the years. Since 2012, Dermot has been Chief Executive of Kuber Ventures Ltd, developing the business from its initial launch to the successful EIS investment platform that it is today.

Kuber Ventures is the first digital platform in the tax efficient investment sector specifically designed to help financial advisers advise their clients on UK tax efficient products. It enables access to the market simply, efficiently, transparently and in a cost effective way. Through the platform, financial advisers and their clients can build diversified portfolios of EIS/SEIS and BPR investments using one application form and one online platform to administer the investments going forward.  Kuber is changing the way the tax efficient investment market operates and is opening its products to a larger range of advisers and investors than ever before.

Dermot will be joining Simon on Money Talk this Friday (1st December 2017). Tune in from 1pm on Channel Radio.

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