DOMEG is an innovative training company with bases in London and Kent, offering personal finance ‘Money Matters’ courses to people of all ages. The organisation was born from an idea by two sisters to combine their expertise and make a difference. It was Co-Founder Debbie’s son who originally embedded the concept of financial education into their minds. As a professional footballer, he needed some good advice on his substantial income, and fast. It seemed that school didn’t teach this stuff – generations of children have left school with no idea what APR means, what
mortgages are, or how to manage their own finances. Debbie, a qualified financial adviser, was luckily able to secure her son’s future – but she’d have preferred it if he understood his finances for himself. DOMEG was born, beginning its life as an advisory service for young sportspeople.

Debbie soon realised that her own experience as a financial adviser and sister Diana’s expertise as a developer of compelling training courses would dovetail perfectly. With a number of high-profile training courses under her belt, Diana would be the perfect individual to take DOMEG forwards and help it blossom into a financial advisory service for all people, from school
leavers to pensioners and everyone in between. Together, the siblings have built on DOMEG’s beginnings and developed a range of courses to suit everyone. As well as educating young people on the value of money, the duo offer a 360-degree view of credit from consumer and lender perspectives, as well as providing the knowledge and skills to help clients manage their personal finances.

Di & Debbie will be joining Simon and Penny on MoneyTalk this Friday the 14th of October (2016).

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