Keith Betts currently works at Robson & Co, based in Hythe, Kent.

He is a Higher Court Advocate (Criminal) and appears regularly in the Crown Court, being a member of Perren Buildings, a specialist chambers for solicitor advocates.

Keith is currently being led by Queens Counsel in a lengthy fraud case, and has successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal before The Lord Chief Justice and with over 20 years experience in Criminal Litigation, he is both the Practice Principal and Head of the Serious Fraud Team.

Keith is also a Specialist Fraud Panel Supervisor, Member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association, Law Society and Solicitors Association for Higher Court Advocates.
Originally based in Dover, Keith has developed over the years extensive periods of Customs-related offences, seizures and haulage-related matters. Keith has developed an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe dealing regularly with large-scale international drug importations, firearms importations and other serious international crimes.

Keith has previously appeared on the show, and will be joining Simon again on Friday the 24th of March 2017 from 1pm.