Britain currently appears to be very different country to that which it was prior to the 24th of June. Our political parties are in upheaval, we are untangling ourselves from a long term relationship with the European Union, and our access to the single market is in question. Undoubtedly, these outcomes were to be expected following the vote to leave the EU Referendum.

However, it is the unexpected results that have emerged since the Brexit that have come to a surprise, if not a shock, to many. Things such as an apparent lack of a ‘Plan B’, the changes to overseas property tax, the resignation of our recently elected PM, an increase of overt racism on the streets, and the general feeling of ‘what now?’.

At a time when Britain as a country needs to be standing united, is it possible that the Brexit has caused more cracks to form? Or has it merely brought these issues to the surface?

This Friday Simon will be joined by Jo Dodds to discuss these and other issues that have come into focus since the referendum. Tune in at 12pm on Friday the 8th of July on Channel Radio.

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